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Rest In Peace, Toby by jacobgillaspie
Rest In Peace, Toby
I dunno the rules on posting 'dead pet' posts but here goes...

After 14 years, I had to say goodbye to my friend Toby. He had a very good life, despite dealing with parvovirus when he was not even a year old, to enduring occasional seizures when he got older. Toby had a unique personality, and his intelligence amazed almost every day that I was with him. While I did spend some time away from him when I lived across the country or an hour away, I still made it a point to see him any chance I could, to take him to his favorite place, the local park, where he'd enjoy running around for what seemed like forever. He always loved riding in the car with me., I'd crack the window just enough to where he could stick his nose out, since he was too short to stick anything beyond that out safely. I had him trained extremely well and he seemed to be happiest when practicing all his skills and tricks.

As he got older and grayer in the muzzle, I realized that he wasn't go to be around much longer. That's the downside to most pets nowadays, we outlive them, but they can make us so happy in their short time with us. His last few days were a very clear indication that his time was near, so I spent time with him at the park, even though he could barely run or walk longer than half an hour, before he came to a mere crawl. It happened a lot sooner than I expected it to.

It was almost two weeks later, my sister text me one morning informing me that I needed to come see him, because he wasn't moving, he wasn't eating, he was lethargic and wouldn't respond even to the toddlers that my sister was babysitting, coming up and hugging him Normally, he hated loud noisy kids and would hide from them, that's when I knew something wasn't right.  He felt cold, I could see in his eyes that he was ready.

We took him on his final ride to the local veterinarian, where he was put to his final rest. We stayed with him when he took his final breaths. It felt weird to see him like that, when in the past couple years he had this strange trait of being such a heavy sleeper, you would almost think he was 'gone'. This time, though, it was the eternal sleep. Toby gave me 14 years of companionship, he was an amazing sheltie, and he will be missed dearly.
GTA V : Mt. Chiliad [Mixrt Filtered] by jacobgillaspie
GTA V : Mt. Chiliad [Mixrt Filtered]
Created this using an app that can generate your photos into geometric wonders!! If you want to check it out  
Hoodie [Mixrt filterered] by jacobgillaspie
Hoodie [Mixrt filterered]
Created this using an app that can generate your photos into geometric wonders!! If you want to check it out  
Tiger Stripes FTW (black and white version) by jacobgillaspie
Tiger Stripes FTW (black and white version)
Decided to revisit a photo I took years ago and edit it only using apps on my iPhone 5S.

Apps used : Analog Film and Camera+
Tiger Stripes FTW (Color version) by jacobgillaspie
Tiger Stripes FTW (Color version)
Decided to revisit a photo I took years ago and edit it only using apps on my iPhone 5S.

Apps used : Analog Film and Camera+


jacobgillaspie's Profile Picture
Jacob Gillaspie
United States
Hello, my name is Jake, and I'm an amateur photographer from Ottawa, Kansas. I was born and raised there, then lived in Florida for a few years, where I found my hobby of photography. Currently I am living in Olathe, Kansas. I've been around the Internet since around mid-2000 under various monikers, posting on forums and in chatrooms, further exploring into the world of digital photography and art.

If you're curious as to what cameras I use, I use the Sony Cybershot H5, the Sony Cybershot W55, and a Canon Powershot 300HS. You can find some of my work on sites such as Flickr, DeviantArt, and Picasa, but I also have some of it available for viewing here on my own personal gallery. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!


Current Residence: Olathe, KS
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit
MP3 player of choice: Zune HD
Shell of choice: Turtle
Favourite cartoon character: Snagglepuss
Well, here we are, it's a new year. I don't know where it will take me, but I know that I'm going to be taking it on without James, my partner of 4 years, who passed away November 17th, 2014 from complications related to rejection of the heart transplant he got back in 2010 before me and him met. He started having complications this past year after me and him moved to California so he could start working for Apple Inc, but he had to move back home when his health got worse. I joined him in Kansas City, MO while he was waiting to meet the conditions to be listed in December for a second heart transplant, but there wasn't enough time. I'm trying to stay strong for him and I will try my best to keep his memory alive. He was a strong soul that never let his condition let him down and he always kept everyone around him happy and laughing and I wish that he could be with me today but his heart couldn't do it anymore and he passed after a heart attack that woke me and his family up so we were able to be by his side in his dying moment. I'm sad that he's gone but I'm not going to sit here and be depressed about it, he wouldn't have wanted me that way. He would've told me to accept that death happens to everyone and there's no reason to stop living your own life. It sucks but at the same time I just know that he's better off not suffering anymore. I will miss him a lot and I've learned a lot through living with him and he helped me as a young adult to learn how to better myself, as well as inspiring me to push forward no matter the circumstances, and to try to smile and laugh instead of be depressed because whining and crying won't solve it. I wish that he could have inspired more people with his way of life. Rest well, my friend, I'll see you again some day. 

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